Skye's Birthday Gig!
McMenamin's Kennedy School,
January 22nd, 2004

Thanks to all who came and helped me celebrate! We had a kickin' event and you made my birthday really worthwhile!

Photos of the event are below. I'll be happy to email you full versions of anything you want. Just email me at Thanks!

Scowling at the Camera

An exhausted dancer!

Skye woos the fans

The Jareds vie for Bev's attention


Brothers in hats

"Oh, yeah... I totally know what you mean!"

Sweet Nothings

Skye autographs for an avid fan

Courtney & Jason sing 'Until'
The ex-boyfriend and the best friend share a laugh

The sound engineer

Bryce the dreamboatbassist


True fans

Lone listeners

He loves me. Or he hates me. I'm not sure which.

Lumina at work