Rent to Own
~music and lyrics by Skye Pixton

I know thatícha wanna be cool and you wanna bend the rules so you gotta step lightly
I know thatícha wanna seem dangerous, a little bit strange, and a little bit frightening
I know that you want my love and you cannot get enough and you think about my nightly

I know that you want me around and you like the way I sound and you think Iím kinda crazy
But I know if you wanna be here then you gotta be clear about what you want baby
Cuz I know if youíre lookiní for a ride with a fox by your side all I can say is maybe

You think youíre Romeo
But Iím not a rent-to-own

In some ways youíre like any other guy with a twinkle in his eye and a healthy fear of heartache
aní I may just have given you signs that youíre doiní just fine, well, and I donít need to translate
But donít think cuz Iím playiní the game that you have got me tamed or youíve got me in checkmate

Cuz My heart isnít easily won but I like to have fun and I like you in the meantime
ní Iím armed with a street-wise mind, I already know your kind, and I know youíll have a good time
So Donít start if you ainít sincere cuz it doesnít appear that you aughtta waste my time

You think youíre Romeo
But Iím not a rent-to-own