Q: Can your music be purchased & downloaded on iTunes or other music services?

A: Yes, some of it. All of the songs from the 'Love Lies & Skye' E.P. and the 'Angels' single are available through iTunes and several other music services. (And yes, I do get paid for the download, so feel free to do it that way if you'd like.)

Q: Gee, how did you and your family all become so musically talented?

A: See this picture? That's my parents' living room. It's looked like that pretty much my whole life. My dad had this theory that if we tripped over instruments enough, eventually we'd pick them up and play them. Guess so. I actually didn't start on guitar until I was 16. Tried a cacophony of other stuff first before I found my "true passion." Oh, and by the way do you see the TV in the corner of the room? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Q: Do you ever sing with your brothers or sisters?

A: In case you hadn't yet noticed, the following occassional members of my band are siblings: Bryce the dreamboat bassist, Courtney (vocalist), Kyrstyn (percussionist). But even when they're not playing with my band, we do play together. Some of us have a Christmas Group called Fa La L'a Capella, and my brother, Clayton, is working on a CD of cool hymn arrangements, which I've sung on somewhat. We also have occassional spur-of-the-moment hootenanys when we see each other at the folk's place.

Q: Hey, are you an original member of Sibling Revelry? What happened to them?

A: Yes, my first band was BYU-based Sibling Revelry, a popular college band known for it's down-to-earth, fun, live shows complete with jokes, stories, skits, and music by three siblings (one of which was me). As a primary singer/songwriter in the group, the music is similar to what I'm doing now, and you can buy Sibling Revelry CDs on this website. You can also read more about Sibling Revelry and buy CDs at Or if you're interested in what one of the other band members is up to, visit Clayton's website.

Q: Do you play solo or with a band:

A: Both. I play with anywhere from 0-6 other musicians. Lately I play mostly with percussion, backup vocals, and a cello. I am occasionally, though rarely, seen playing totally solo.

Q: When will you release a solo album?

A: Ha! I've done it already. The CD Release Party for my solo E.P., 'Love Lies & Skye,' was Nov. 18, 2005 and boy was it a great time. The CD is now officially for sale. CLICK HERE to find out how to get it.

Q: What's an E.P.?

A: It's old record-speak for "Extended Play,"... meaning an 'extended play' single (as opposed to L.P. "Long Play" which was a full-size record). These days it really means a short album. Mine has 6 songs, 5 of which are award-winners.

Q: How do you write songs with such depth of emotion, such vivid personal torment, such poignant and intense agony?


Q: So... are you single?

A: As of August 21, 2004: that's a negative, Ghostrider. Check out if you want to see my happy day.


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