Skye Pixton is a fresh, young singer/guitarist who is quickly rising in the ranks of Portland’s favorite chanteuses. Somewhere between Alanis Morrisette and the Indigo Girls in style, there is a woodsy quality to this seamless and emotive pop, which has also been compared to Shawn Colvin and Jewel. Her commanding yet sensitive voice, incredible original songs, and magnetic personality have earned her a growing list of loyal fans.

Skye’s most recent musical project, Love Lies & Skye, is a venture into performance art. Breaking with traditional concert format, her new show implements audience engagement, visual art, story telling, and weaves the music into a whole "piece" or “story,” rather than the typical list-of-songs style performance you usually see.

Regardless of whether you catch her solo or with her ensemble, she’ll carry your heart away. She is most often seen playing an acoustic guitar, accompanied by the rich harmonies of backup vocalists, a cello and light drums/percussion, creating an acoustic folk/pop sound that soars and shimmers with a passionate sense of the melodic. In 2005 she won the Portland Songwriter’s Association’s “best overall song” award , a competition she’s won twice before in the folk category.

Her credits also include three television appearances, multi-state radio play, placement in the State Talent competition, singing of the national anthem at a Portland Trailblazers game, and a long list of popular venues where she has performed.

Her never-ending stream of new songs, each seemingly better than the last, make her not only promising for the near future but also a definite mainstay in the music scene for many years to come.

When performing, Skye spices up the show with humor and great energy, and enjoys a warm, fun-filled rapport with her audience. She performs occassionally with her siblings and other band members, all of whom are gifted musicians and natural entertainers. Their harmonic blend and spontaneous interaction on stage make for a great evening every time!






Outside the Music: Skye graduated from Brigham Young University in Humanities with English and Philosophy emphases. She daylights as a Paralegal so she can have some actual money. When she's not working or music-ing, she has several time consuming and expensive hobbies: She snowboards, wakeboards, windsurfs, oceansurfs, and rock climbs. She is an avid gardener and cook, so the music thing otten butts heads with her domestic side. She is married to the venerable and sexy Jared Engstrom, has no children, and no dogs. She also directs a church choir and is involved in occasional musical side-projects, usually with her siblings (she is from a family of 7 children, all musically talented).