While Skye Pixton is technically a solo singer/songwriter, she is almost always seen performing with a band or ensemble. Some of the Performers you sometimes see:

Skip VonKuske: on cello and cheesy puns :) (www.SkipVonKuske.com)
Kyrstyn: percussion, backup vocals
Bryce: bass, tambourine, backup vocals
Clayton Pixton: bass, backup vocals, sound & engineering. (www.ClaytonPixton.com)

Ariyanto Salim: drums, percussion

Chelsea Cafferky: backup vocals

Also sometimes appearing with Skye:

  • Courtney Atack: local singer who can sing opera to folk and everywhere inbetween with the most haunting contralto harmonies and melodies you'll ever hear. She also teaches voice-lessons in West Linn (courtneyatack@juno.com)
  • KaRyn Daley: a talented local jazz vocalist who cleans up the Portland Karaoke contests, and sometimes agrees to sing backup for Skye.