Recorded, Produced and Engineered by Clayton Pixton
at Clayton Pixton Studios, Portland, Oregon

Arrangement by: Clayton Pixton & Skye Pixton, contributions by Courtney Pixton Atack, Jason Atack, Bryce Pixton, & Kyrstyn Pixton

Lead Vocals: Skye
Backup Vocals: Courtney & Bryce
Guitar: Skye
Japanese Bamboo Flute: Kyrstyn
Percussion: Kyrstyn and Clayton

Mastered by Rick at SuperDigital, Portland, Oregon
Distributed by Pandemonium Productions, LLC
For More Information, Contact Skye at

Special Thanks to: Courtney, Bryce, Jason, & Kyrstyn for their talent & contributions to this recording; Amy Pixton, Manager/Sister/Wife-extraordinaire; Ma n' Pa Pixton for their neverending support, declarations of how they're gonna get rich, and the studio space; Brian King for the 24-hour Photoshop/Dreamweaver Hotline; Emily, Lumina, & Michelle for kicking my can into gear and then putting up withe the Chaos;Todd McDonald for the infamous 12-string guitar; Kristi Roehm; Lisa Lepine; and YOU, my fans.

Without you I have neither a reason, nor the means, to do any of this.

Thank you.